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Responsive Web Design Services in Bangalore

Today, e commerce is the pipeline of internet business. It is converging commercial units with end customers transcending the barrier of time and distance to buy, sell and transact business. Any type of business can have its analogue on the internet and benefit from e-commerce. This is an exceptionally cost effective way of promoting your business, generating extra profits and delivering better services to your customers.

E commerce is making deep inroads and is becoming a way of life as every day millions of people conduct business, purchase products and hire services via online. Retailers are realising the importance and benefits of e commerce in securing direct and flexible online sales and also to accommodate their growing marketplace. Online shopping is becoming the dynamic aspect of e commerce solutions.

E commerce is not limited only to having an online store but providing real platform for your company to create a solid relationship with your customers both current and potential. By analyzing the data generated, you can create individual web pages automatically, send e-mail notification of sales and special promotions, test promotions and quickly improve the effectiveness of marketing programs. In short, e commerce is synonymous with digital marketing.

To create a transaction based Web site either mean considerable software development with long costly development cycles or purchasing e commerce packages that only did part of the job leaving you with no brand recognition and expensive consulting costs. At Dotline we bridge this gap and brings you the best of both worlds with our e commerce solutions.

Our e commerce solutions includes creating visually exciting, powerfully interactive catalogues on the Internet at an affordable price and to develop secure back-office pages which allow you to collect, organize, manage and publish catalogues with total customization.

Ecommerce Development Services in Bangalore

Dotline is a reliable partner for your e-business. Our typical e-commerce package includes the following:

  • Specification
  • Complete Website design
  • Product Database
  • Customers' section with registration, product information, product search and order processing (a shopping cart or sequence)
  • Administrator's section with access, order and product management, file upload, discount algorithms and special offers, shipping and sales tax settings
  • SSL integration and credit card processing

Best Ecommerce Solutions in Bangalore

Don't allow yourself to be confused with all the jargon out there, such as IIS, Apache, ASP, PHP, SQL, mySQL, Java, CGI, Perl, VB, SSL, and HTTPS. Instead, discover how easy, flexible and affordable your e-commerce can be. Whether it is a complicated on-line system or a simple programming script to automate one small thing, we are here to support you anytime.

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